We have a new, higher energylevel, the

  Balancing Energy.  


According to the name it is encouraging the inner balance.
Balance inside naturally radiates into the outside.

The energy is here and now freely available,
for every person in the world.

Download English Version:
tion »Balancing for all
« (697 kB)


By the way: If translations can be optimized - feedback is welcome.




Some people have the gift, to establish in awareness the contact with certain energies for others. Engaging such a gift for the benefit of all, something wonderful can come in motion, just as the »Balancing Energy« including the project »Balancing for all«. Initiated by Paul Josef Ochmann - teacher, spiritual healer and founder of Healing4more - this quality is now for all free and easily available. It ist encouraging positive aspects such as harmony, peace, heart quality, self-healing power, as well as clarity and awareness.

Trying and doing is very easy. Just think or say 3 times the words to start it:



Voluntary donations for the World project »Balancing for all« in any amount welcome.

Donation to »Balancing for all«:
Account Holder: P. J. Ochmann, Account No.: 232 968 141, HVBank, Bank Code: 721 200 78, IBAN: DE 77 721 200 780 232 968 141, Swift (BIC): HY VED EMM 426

Donating can be given in the awareness that cause and effect of the energy flow are in balance by it. Each donation supports a new chance, allows prosperity to the benefit of all.


»Balancing Energy,
Balancing Energy,
Balancing Energy.

This is like an invocation and shows your intention, enhances the inner request. Alternative affirmations are:

»I receive Balancing Energy now
»I allow the Energy of Balance to increase inside my body, soul and mind.«
... and wherever you like or need to have more
»Balancing Energy«. Be creative. It can be combined with other healing hand techniques and energies as long as they are in harmony with the free will.


In any situation in life, wherever or whenever - »Balancing Energy« is always available for everyone from now on. The effect will be individual. Enjoying it can be more aware, by allowing a moment of tranquility.

Every individual is now required, so that the »Balancing Energy« will spread worldwide, and therefore can be adopted in awarenss by as many users as possible. Thank you for your engagement!

Since it is brand new (March 2011), constantly further information will be complemented as already received feedbacks. For more details please see the presentation and information sheet.

You are most welcome to send feedback to the special Balancing Mailbox.

Voluntary translations into other languages are warmly welcome and essential for a world-project. Attention to positive wording would be wonderful and adequate to the quality of »Balancing Energy«. Thank you very much!

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